Where it all started

In 2005, Allied Work Force listed on the New Zealand stock exchange having established itself as the country’s largest labour hire provider through its first 17 years of growth.

15 years on and the pace has not abated. In 2013, generalist recruiter Madison was acquired. Specialist recruiter Absolute IT joined the fold in 2016, and last year the third substantial acquisition added executive search and contracting business JacksonStone & Partners.

In each of our operating businesses lies a rich history – a reputation built through the belief in its company values and countless hours connecting with job hunters and employers, all fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit navigating the ever-changing employment market.

We are proud of our stable of brands, and the role they play in workplaces throughout New Zealand.

What’s behind this decision

We are now a diverse group of companies. The culmination of expertise and breadth of service offerings means our current identity as AWF Madison Group is no longer fit to best showcase our existing make up, nor our future aspirations.

To date, our Group entity has been the vehicle of interaction with our shareholders. The name of this entity will change on the 19th of October, and this date will also mark a significant step change for our business.

Our vision moving forward is that our Group entity will be more prominent in our day-to-day operations. We will be working to ensure that anything we put our name behind has meaning – be it for our clients, our candidates, our workforce, our service delivery people, or in the wider landscape. Our breadth and scale provides a unique standpoint to contribute to the broader conversation about labour market forces, business productivity and organisational change.

The world of work is evolving at an incredible rate of knots, a reality brought home by the events of 2020. Organisations, and indeed whole sectors, are operating in unprecedented volatility and complexity. More and more often, we’re asking for the opportunity to work with our clients in our capacity as a Group, to gain clarity and deliver solutions that likely go beyond traditional recruitment services.

Accordant: who we are and what we stand for

We go from a name embedded in our history, to a name grounded in purpose.

The name Accordant signifies the bringing together of our various businesses. It’s not just about a collection of standalone operations, but a collaborative way of working that draws from our collective capability to deliver more additively for our clients and candidates than is possible when operating apart.

We have invested significantly into an innovative operating platform, and have notable capability in our internal marketing, IT and finance teams for our businesses to draw upon.

So it does not matter what sort of organisation, which sector, where in the country, the type of role or the reason why work is sought. Members of the Accordant Group will work together in an agile way to see people gainfully employed and meet the needs of New Zealand’s diverse workplaces.

When the changes will come into effect

Our new name will come into effect on Monday 19th of October, 2020. On that day, the NZX ticker will change from AWF to AGL, our branding will change and our online presence will be refreshed.

Over the coming months Accordant will become more visible in support of our various brands’ identities resulting in subtle changes to existing collateral and office signage. And in due course, we also look forward to sharing new developments and initiatives with Accordant as the launchpad.