(a) Class of Security and ISIN: Issue of shares under the Group’s 2018 Restricted Share Scheme
(b) Number issued, acquired or redeemed: Issued 159,200 Restricted “G” shares; and 238,800 Restricted “H” shares
(c) Nominal value and issue price, acquisition price or redemption price: $1.90 per share
(d) Whether payment was in cash: N/A
(e) Any amount paid up: N/A
(f) Principal terms of the Securities (other than for Quoted Securities), for example, the exercise price and exercise date in respect of an Option, or the conversion price and conversion date in respect of Convertible Securities or the ranking of the Securities in relation to other Classes of Securities:
Conversion price is $1.90. Conversion date for Restricted “G” shares is from 1 July 2021; and for Restricted “H” shares is from 1 January 2024.
(g) Percentage of the total Class of Securities issued, acquired or redeemed: 88.4% of Restricted “G” shares; and 88.4% of Restricted “H” shares
(h) Reason for the issue, acquisition or redemption: under the Group’s 2018 Restricted Share Scheme
(i) Specific authority for the issue, acquisition or redemption: Board Resolution
(j) Terms or details of the issue, acquisition or redemption: Option to convert on qualification
(k) Total number of Securities of the Class in existence after the issue, acquisition or redemption: 159,800 “G” Restricted sharers; and 238,800 “H” Restricted shares.
(l) In the case of an acquisition of shares by an Issuer which is a company registered under the Companies Act 1993, whether those shares are to be held as Treasury Stock: N/A
(m) Dates of issue, acquisition or redemption: Issue Date: 1 November 2018
David Lazarus, Group Company Secretary. Phone: 021 449 965