For the purpose of NZX Main Board Listing Rule 7.12.1, AWF Madison Group Limited advises that the following in respect of the issue of new ordinary shares:
(a) Class of Security and ISIN: Ordinary Shares NZAWFE0001S8
(b) Number issued: 465,791 shares
(c) Nominal value and issue price: $1.71 per share
(d) Whether payment was in cash: N/A
(e) Any amount paid up: N/A
(f) Principal terms of the Securities (other than for Quoted Securities): N/A
(g) Percentage of the total Class of Securities issued: 1.41% of total number of Ordinary Shares on issue immediately prior to the issue of the new shares
(h) Reason for the issue: Dividend Reinvestment Plan dated 15 June 2018
(i) Specific authority for the issue: Board Resolution dated 26 October 2018
(j) Terms or details of the issue: The new shares will rank equally with existing fully paid Ordinary shares
(k) Total number of Securities of the Class in existence after the issue, acquisition or redemption: 33,423,399
(l) In the case of an acquisition of shares by an Issuer which is a company registered under the Companies Act 1993, whether those shares are to be held as Treasury Stock: N/A
(m) Dates of issue: Issue Date: 3 December 2018
David Lazarus, Group Company Secretary. Phone: 021 449 965