AWF Group Ltd (AWF) has advised that the Group expects a steady finish to its 31.3.15 financial year.
CEO Mike Huddleston noted:

  • that turnover was likely to be in the vicinity of $196m – $198m
  • net profit after tax expected to exceed $5m (+circa 31%)*
  • EBITDA** is likely to be in the range of $12m-13m (+ circa 50%)*
  • Underlying earnings*** per share after tax are expected to lift by over 39% to approximately 26 cents per share.

“As we move towards the new financial year, we are encouraged by the outlook and expect to see continued growth in all of our business units, driven from strong activity in the main centres” Mike Huddleston said.
For the Board
Mike Huddleston
* All comparisons are against the previous year.
** EBITDA means earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation and is a non-GAAP measure which allows a comparison of profitability between different companies by removing the effects of interest, tax, depreciation and amortization.
*** Underlying earnings is a non-GAAP measure which adjusts for after tax effect of amortisation of identifiable intangible assets acquired through acquisition of subsidiaries, profit on disposal of subsidiaries and impairment of goodwill.
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Paul Mens
Chief Financial Officer
AWF Group Limited
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